Artist Statement: Gail Morrison-Hall

Long recognized for her fine art, as well as her contributions to art education, Gail Morrison-Hall’s work is a career-long study in transition, reinvention and rebirth.

A graduate of the Tyler School of Art with a BFA and Arcadia University with an MA ed, Morrison-Hall is an abstract expressionist who has built a radically diverse portfolio in acrylics and collage. Her art has hung in galleries and at national juried shows across the U.S. Very much in demand for her commissioned pieces, Morrison-Hall’s work can be found in private collections nationwide.

Morrison-Hall has always focused on discovering new ways to work. Her early pieces draw on her expressionist training, while employing mixed media, including rice paper and fabric. A follower of the wrecking crew, Morrisons Hall’s collage work has been inspired 

by everything from the demolished urban landscapes, to the stately victorian houses of the Philadelphia area where she makes her home.

One of Morrison-Hall’s most well recognized series draws on traditional monastic calligraphy. The Notes series is where she first coined her Invented Writing style. Inspired by the natural beauty of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, Morrison-Hall’s latest work in acrylics has returned her to her more pure abstract expressionist roots, while maintaining an attention to texture, informed by her passion for collage.

Always chasing new methods of communication through image, Morrison-Hall has been described as “six artists wrapped into one.” Her career is cycle of destruction and rebuilding as each new style ebbs and flows, a process that will likely last a lifetime.



Plastic Club, Philadelphia, PA

Montgomery County Guild of Professional Artists

Artists’ Cultural Exchange, Melrose Park, PA

Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Cheltenham, PA

InLiquid Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

Philadaelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity Association